Everything from Belts and Pulleys to Motors and More!


Electric Motor Repair

Some of the equipment serviced by us:
• Single Phase Electric Motors
• Three Phase Electric Motors
• Direct Current Motors
• Eddy Current Drives
• Phase Converters
• Gearboxes
• Pumps
• Fans
• Portable Generators
• Hoists Industrial & Heavy Duty Starters & Generators
• Industrial & Commercial Fans
• Transformers


Service Center Features

Service Area
Our modern facility has an area of approximately 14,000 square feet devoted to equipment repair, motor and parts inventory, and supplies.

Crane Capacities
Our service area is bridged by a 5-ton crane, allowing us the ability to handle very large rotating equipment. We also have jib cranes and forklift lifting capabilities.

Inverter Rated Rewinds
All of our Three Phase rewinds utilize Inverter-rated magnet wire, with class H slot insulation and minimum class F rated leads for the best results possible. Other ratings and materials can be provided as necessary. All rewind data is verified to EASA standards, using calculations for magnetic densities and amperages in order to provide a repaired motor that performs as originally designed. Winding redesign services are also available, with our many years of experience available to provide an expertly modified motor.

Machine Shop Capabilities
We have a full machine shop to allow us to perform most metal fabrication in-house, along with dynamic balancing. Route Pickup & Delivery We have regular route service on a weekly basis. Please call if you would like us to add you to one of our routes, or to request a special pickup or delivery. UPS Service We have daily UPS pickup & delivery service to allow us to quickly ship items to your plant location.

Pump Repair

Types of Pumps Regularly Serviced:
• Submersible Sewage Pumps
• Submersible Sump Pumps
• Close-Coupled Centrifugal Pumps
• Pool Pumps
• Rotary Vane Pumps
• Positive Displacement Pumps
• OEM Specialty Pumps
• Irrigation and Agriculture Pumps


Submersible sewage pumps for utilities and industry are regularly overhauled in our facility. From a complete disassemble, to repair of mechanical and electrical components, to reassembly and a final coat of sealing epoxy paint, our pump repairs are unsurpassed!

Our centrifugal pump experts can overhaul your fluid handling pumps to whatever degree necessary, including replacement of mechanical components such as wear rings, impellers, sleeves, seals and packing, to repair of the electrical components. Whether it be a pool & spa pump, or an industrial centrifugal pump, we can complete your needed repairs in a first-class manner!

Control Repair

Electrical & Electronic Controls
We have over 30 years of experience repairing traditional hard-wired control systems along with the latest in computerized industrial controls.

Our technical experience includes:
• Hard-wired motor control and process control systems
• Variable Frequency Drives
• PLC-based industrial controls
• PC-based networking and control systems
• Database and CMMS systems
• Process control systems and integration

Whether your requirements include design, implementation, upgrades or modifications to an existing system, we can offer our expertise to aid in your project, large or small.


Systems Integration Experience
At Holland Electric Motor, you will find an experienced staff.

Our project experience has included:
• Water and Wastewater Control Systems
• Oil and Gas pipelines
• Mineral Pipelines
• Brewing and Food Processing
• Building Management
• Panel Building

We are experienced in many of the latest software packages and technologies used in industrial automation:

• PC Operating Systems and Networking
• PLC Software
• Operator Interfaces
• Network and Device Communications
• SQL Databases and Data Management

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