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Holland Electric Motor Quality Electric Motor Products and Experience in Holland, MI, since 1969. Regarding excellent services, including direct motors, Holland Electric Motor has you covered. With a variety of excellent electric motor service and parts, we’ll ensure that your electric motor is working 100%. With more than 50 years of industry service, we continue, to this day, to supply our Holland, MI, customers with superb service and products.

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Impeccable Electric Motor Services Holland, MI

Electric motor repair

Is it worth having an electric motor repair? This is a question many folks ask themselves, and we have the answer for you. Repairing electric motors works well, especially when the damage is not so bad that it needs to be replaced. Repairs are also more affordable than purchasing a new direct current motor and other types. But sometimes, electric motors can become so damaged that it takes more of your budget to repair them than simply replace them with a new one. Our team of experts and technicians is highly experienced and can help you make the best decision for your needs. We repair portable generators, direct current motors, industrial and commercial fans, phase converters, Eddy current drives, and lots more.

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Pump repair

Pump repair is important to avoid malfunctioning of the electric motor. When pumps are blocked, it doesn’t allow the liquid to pass, which can cause an imbalance of pressure. Pump repairs are vital, and Holland Electric Motor offers affordable repairs for all your needs.

We repair submersible sewage pumps, pool pumps, rotary vane pumps, positive displacement pumps, submersible sump pumps, and positive displacement pumps, to name a few.

Control repairs

To ensure that your controls are working efficiently, we can help you thanks to more than 30 years of experience. We do all control repairs, including hard-wired motor control and process control systems, PLC-based industrial controls, and more.


Our experienced team can assist in many integration fields, including building management, mineral pipelines, oil and gas pipelines, brewing, and food processing. We also offer extensive software setup and integration services like PLC software, network and device comms, operator interfaces, and more.

We Stock Leading Brands

You can have peace of mind with our quality brands, including but not limited to:

Dayton | Fasco | Mitsubishi Motors | AO Smith | Marathon | Leeson

Get in touch with us if you need help, as we can support you with all electric motor repairs and products guaranteed. Contact our excellent team at Holland Electric Motor MI for more information.